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Mitsubishi's Colt Wings Edition

The Essen Motor Show has the same meaning to Germans as the SEMA convention to Americans: the wildest cars all in one place. And like every time, Mitsubishi keeps it real.

The Lancer Evo has a cult following all over Europe, but it is not just the rally-bred sedan that enlivens Mitsubishi's Essen presence. Three years ago, Mitsubishi presented a one-off turbocharged Colt, which people got really enthusiastic about. This year it is time for another crazy Colt conversion — this time, a Colt with scissor doors in the style of a Lamborghini Murciélago!

Called Colt Wings Edition, this one-off show car was commissioned by a German Mitsubishi dealer. The exciting door solution was provided by a local specialist, LSD Doors. Additional features include a body kit, 17-inch alloys and leather interior.


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