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Advance auto zone blog about cool fast cars, and auto trader

Like Fast Cars? It Will Cost You

Speeding is the leading cause of vehicle accidents. Speeding jeopardizes your own safety, as well as that of your passengers and other motorists. It can also land you in legal trouble. In addition to a ticket, other penalties for speeding include fines, suspension of your driver's license and even jail time if your actions result in bodily injury or death of another person.

Auto insurance companies pull your driving record to determine whether to provide coverage and set your premium amount. Numerous speeding tickets are an indication that you're not a safe driver, which makes you a high risk. Drivers with a recurring pattern of speeding are considered more accident-prone, so their premiums are much higher.

Traffic violations add points to your driver's license. The more points an auto insurer sees, the higher your insurance premiums. If you've had your driving privileges revoked or suspended due to too many speeding tickets or other violations, you may have to file a SR-22 form when you apply for SR22 insurance. A good site to compare is Not only will you pay higher premiums, but you'll also have a harder time finding an auto insurer because not every insurance company offers SR-22 filings.

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