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2001-2005 Honda Civic Models

If you are looking to buy a Honda Civic, whether it's a brand new shiny one or a second hand Honda Civic, there are a few things you should think about before you buy one, and the guys over at know what they are talking about;

The Honda Civic has been around for a long time. First introduced in 1973, the Honda Civic has undergone many changes in its almost forty year history. Originally launched as a small, zippy car with awesome fuel efficiency, the Civic was a major change for Honda who previously had only specialized in motorcycles. Honda Civics are well constructed vehicles that last for a long time. For this reason, they make for excellent used car choices.

The seventh generation of the Honda Civic was released in 2001. It did continue using the same 103.1 inch wheelbase that prior Civic models utilized. However, the car underwent significant changes heralding in a new generation of the Honda Civic. One change was in the design of the front suspension system which made for a more comfortable ride. Another change from previous models was in the design of the back seat floor. Previously, there was a hump in the middle of the floor which made it very uncomfortable for an adult to be seated in the middle seat. However, this newer group of Civics removed this making the floor completely flat. Now, a fifth adult could be accommodated much more comfortably.

The Honda Civic models created in the 7th generation from 2001 to 2005 came in both two door coupes and four door sedans. A two door hatchback was the third model. Within these years, the standard trim models were DX, EX and LX. Honda also offered the Civic with some special trims like the GX and HX.

Most 2001-2005 models of the Honda Civic have a slightly larger engine than previous years. The 1.7 litre engine is able to provide the vehicle with 117 horsepower. This increases by ten to 127 in the Civic EX model. The transmission came in three different options. Some Honda Civic had manual 5 speed transmissions while others had automatic transmissions in four speeds. Also, one some models, specifically the GX and HX, the transmission could be a continuously variable transmission.


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