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BMW Artcars in the Middle east, Dubai

Sheldon Rodriguez is a Visual Interaction Design Specialist by profession, and a very passionate BMW fanatic from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. BMW Artcars was an inspiration, especially the one done by Andy Warhol, Over a period of time, there happened to be another BMW fanatic Travis Todd who took a bold step in doodling his hood, and this further influenced him to has the same art form on my BMW - but this time taking it to the next level. The artwork is a product of collaboration with another artists by the name Mark Ganzon.

BMW Artcars in the Middle east, Dubai-1BMW Artcars in the Middle east, Dubai-2Dividing the car into two, the holistic theme was to have the left drivers side make use of sharp angled strokes to depict the evil, while the right passenger side to make use of open rounded strokes to depict the good. All the art was done with three sharpies permanent marker, and was quite a task to have it covered on the surface of a car. There was no form of pre-planning involved in drawing and relied heavily on our design backgrounds. Since we had our full time jobs to focus on, the project was done after working hours; about 3 hours every evening - the heat and humidity during the summers was not any good to have a smooth completion.

After three days of intense sessions, the project was completed and the outcome was outstanding. The art was protected with a layer of matte lacquer to retain the original look of the car. Being a integral part of the BMW Club in the UAE, and this project being the first of its kind in the Middle East, he took this opportunity to thank the fellow members of the club and the to be an inspiration.
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