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2009 Superior 54 Sport Wagon

(from Super Glass Works) The Superior 54 Sport Wagon project was started in the 1980s by an individual trying to build his own piece of history. The years went by and the project languished. In 2004, Superior Glass Works acquired the unfinished dream. Five more years and many thousands of hours later, the Superior 54 Sport Wagon is available…at last.

2009 Superior 54 Sport WagonThe journey was one that combined old-school craftsmanship and leading-edge technology. One of the most significant pieces of this project was to create the ‘plug’ – the body from which a mold could be made. Without an original body to start with, the plug was build using wood, foam, fiberglass, body filler, steel and anything else that would yield the desired form. These materials were shaped entirely by hand using only simple tools to create an extremely accurate model from which the molds were made.

The next phase of the project blasted our team into the modern era of product design and development. The now-perfect plug was imaged with a 3-D scanner, producing electronic files of the body from every angle. These were handed off to a CAD drafter to digitally create all of the body and window trim pieces. Rapid-prototyping technology was utilized to produce each part in full scale that were then installed on the body. After final hand-fitting of each trim piece, the master parts were finished and ready for production and chrome.

The Superior 54 Sport Wagon chassis is equipped with modern, high-performance, C5 Corvette suspension that not even the renowned auto-innovator Harley Earl could have imagined. Designed and built in partnership with Art Morrison Enterprises, Inc., the chassis brings today's sports car technology to this classic.

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