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2010 Lexus LF-A For Tokyo Motor Show Debut

Since pretty much everyone is ditching the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, rumor has it Toyota will finally unveil the production 2010 Lexus LF-A, a laughably expensive, V10-powered supercar with only 500 copies available.

2010 Lexus LF-A-12010 Lexus LF-A-2If the rumor-mill is on its "A" game, Toyota will finally be trotting out the production version of its Formula 1 inspired super-mega-awesome-car from the land of the rising sun at their Tokyo show stand. The production will be as scarce as the unicorn farts used to carbonize the surface of the cams (the equivalent of 500 copies). It'll reportedly get two models, the pedestrian GT550 and the more raucous SS550, which will inevitably cause consternation amongst the l33t speakers in the supercar market.

That banshee of a V10 under the hood should be good for engineering pr0n and produce somewhere around 500 HP, which, seems a bit weak for the expected $310,000 asking price. Since we're pretty sure conspicuous consumption is still the "in" thing among the legally wealthy, we're expecting the super expensive, obnoxiously styled, limited run automobile will find plenty of fine homes in fortified compounds across the world.

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