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Audi Q5 Custom Concept images

Audi has released new official pics of the Q5 Custom Concept prior to the prototype’s presentation at the Worthersee Tour 2009 next weekend. The prototype is not so interesting for its look, but for the engine that they’ve put under the bonnet.

Audi Q5 Custom Concept-1Audi Q5 Custom Concept-2Currently absent from the Q5 range, the V6 3.0 litre TFSI is that of the Audi S4, brought from 333 to 408 hp for the occasion. This power will be managed by the S-Tronic seven-speed transmission, and the whole proposal has fans a-flutter.

The model proves that the possibility of an “S” version in the Audi SUV range is not so fantastical. This could also be a preview to the next RS4, currently oscillating between a V6 and V8. And given the closer relationships among the VAG cars, we could even see this engine on Volkswagen or Porsche models.

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