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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Body Kit Unveiled By MEC Design

Going through our inbox this beautiful Wednesday morning, the fine gentlemen at MEC Design sent us details of a new body kit they've created for the Mercedes S-Class. Up front, you'll notice a new front apron is in place which features your choice of either fog lights and driving lights or a mesh insert, while in the back, a new rear diffuser and one piece rear spoiler are both present.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Body Kit-1Mercedes-Benz S-Class Body Kit-2Also featured on the kit is new side skirts and an MEC Design Electronic Lowering Module which lowers the S-Class between 40 and 70 millimeters, as is an MEC Design exhaust system with chrome tips.

Completing the package, bi-colored MECXTREMEIII 22-inch wheels are fitted to the MEC S-Class, which feature a stainless steel outer rim with a forged center piece.

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