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Alfa Romeo MiTo Novitec tuning

While waiting for the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, whose presentation ocurred at the Geneva motor show, Novitec has revealed its interpretation of the MiTo. The tuning company from the Netherlands has worked on the MiTo engines, using the 1.4 litre petrol turbo at 155 hp, and the JTDm 1.3 litre and 1.6 litre at 90 and 120 hp respectively.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Novitec tuning-1Alfa Romeo MiTo Novitec tuning-2The petrol unit sees the power increased by 31 hp, up to 186 hp and requiring 7.4 seconds to reach 100 km/hr. Both the JTDm engines have had a power step of 20 hp and a new bodykit that lowers suspension by 40 mm. Further inclusions are an aerodynamic pack, a new exhaust and 18-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli tyres.

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