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2010 Suzuki Swift hybrid plug-in concept

The Suzuki Swift is a competent subcompact that the Japanese marque sells both in Japan and Europe. In the latter, the little hatchback is available with a solid 1.3-liter diesel dubbed DDIS. To make things even cleaner, Suzuki has announced that it will introduce a plug-in series hybrid version of the Swift at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, and the powertrain reminds us of nothing less than a smaller Chevrolet Volt.

2010 Suzuki Swift hybrid plug-in concept-12010 Suzuki Swift hybrid plug-in concept-2The model, which is just a concept at this point, uses a 660 cc engine, probably sourced from a kei car. The engine charges the lithium-ion batteries, which are placed between the front seats – we suspect they extend into the middle of the rear seat as well. The batteries power a 54 kW motor that moves the front wheels.
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