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Porsche Cayenne spied pics

The Porsche Cayenne, originally a more controversial model for the company, is taking on a more refined Porsche look with a sloping bonnet, as seen in these Cayenne spy shots.

Porsche Cayenne -1Porsche Cayenne -2The car is expected to debut in 2010, and we had already seen the interior and the rear lights in previous pics. These spy shots take the glimpse a step further, showing a refined car smaller in size than the current Cayenne.

The height will be reduced by two centimetres; while in itself it is minimal, it shows the overall evolution of the vehicle. Driving pleasure and sports handling will be a focus compared to its cousins, the Audi Q7 and the Volkswagen Tuareg. The updated engines will be those already seen on the Panamera, including the future hybrid version and V6 diesel. Reports have been floating around of a V8 diesel as well.

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At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Lucy said...

Its a shame its in black, the detail is reduced. I'm not loving the intial looks.

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Lucy said...

Not loving this design at the mo. shame its in back, the detail is reduced.

Sorry if this is a repeat post.


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