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Common Car Shipping Questions

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1. Can I put personal items in the car while it is being shipped?
A car transporter is not licensed to transport personal belongings. The Federal Government requires a separate license to transport households good and belongings. In addition, the insurance provided on your vehicle while it is in the possession of the carrier will not cover any personal items that have been left in the car. Many drives will allow some small personal belongings placed in the trunk or in the case of an SUV in the rear below the window line. The general rule of thumb is 100 lbs. or less.

2. "Bill of Lading"?
A Bill of Lading is the paper works provided by the carrier, that confirms the receipt of a car for transport, and specifies the condition of the vehicle at the time of pickup and delivery along with the specific terms and conditions of the shipment. The document will be used at the time of pick-up and must be signed by the client and the carrier. It is also will be signed when the car is delivered. Consider the Bill of Lading as a contract and a document that ensures the security of your possession.

3. Transit time?
Transit times can vary greatly depending on a variety of different factors. Below is a list of basic estimated travel times.
East Coast to West Coast - 7 to 12 days
Midwest to East Coast - 4 to 8 days
South to the North - 4 to 8 days
All shipping times are estimated.

4. What kind of truck will my vehicle be shipped on?
There are a variety of different shipping options. Most of the time the vehicle will be shipped on an open transport carrier with 7 to 9 units. Enclosed transport is another option for those who want added protection. This will however cost more money.


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