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Advance auto zone blog about cool fast cars, and auto trader

Direct Connect Auto Trasport

The advent of Internet commerce has done great things for businesses and customers alike, but it has a downside as well: the impersonal nature of the medium has made it easier for incompetent or unscrupulous operators to prey on unsuspecting customers. This has become apparent in the online auto transport industry, where broker websites spring up overnight and win quick commissions by making unrealistic promises and underbidding the industry standard with unsustainable quotes. Inevitably, the customer ends up holding the bag.

This is why it's important to entrust your vehicle to a respectable, reliable and well-established carrier, and Direct Connect Auto Transport delivers on all counts. A presence on the auto transport marketplace for over two decades, Direct Connect has received rave, 5-star reviews from customers throughout its years of operation.

Direct Connect can move many different types of vehicles, but its specialty is "white glove auto transport" - moving expensive or rare cars, such as luxury automobiles, classic/vintage cars and so on.

Direct Connect is well suited to such jobs because it fields closed carrier trailers alongside the more common open auto shipping trailers. A closed carrier is a standard-sized 18-wheeler transport hitch, only one that, instead of moving boxed goods, has been fitted with ramps and fixtures that allow it to load and transport a passenger car.

With a closed carrier trailer, you'll be certain that your valuable possession will be protected from rain, snow, accidental damage, vandalism and many other hazards.

Combined with our record of professionalism and sterling, personalized customer service, Direct Connect auto transport is your best bet for moving your classic car or luxury automobile door-to-door with a minimum of trepidation.


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