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Phaeton Dumped from VWoA Lineup

The $70,000 Phaeton sedan will exit Volkswagen'sU.S. sales lineup early next year as the German automaker realigns its future product plans with the vision of its new leader, former Chrysler exec Wolfgang Bernhard.
The Phaeton move will also reconcile VW's lineup with the reality on the ground: sales have been a trickle since the Phaeton was introduced in 2003. The ultra-expensive Volkswagen was to have led a charge up the price ladder for the brand, but the company ran into serious resistance from buyers who are buying BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes in record numbers. With VW's sales down 17 percent, the company is spending its money more wisely on new variants of the Golf, including a coming crossover based on the entry-level vehicle and a new Eos hardtop convertible due out next year.


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