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Lamborghini SUV: Heading for the hills

Wow, this would be great news: Lamborghini seems to have confirmed the production of a 4x4 !

lamborghini suvIt's built some of the world's finest supercars - but now Lamborghini is going back to its roots with an astonishing 4x4, exclusively revealed in this week's mag.

The Italian giant is no stranger to all-wheel-drive vehicles - company founder Ferrucio Lamborghini started out building tractors - but its next new model won't necessarily be a racer. Enthusiasts of the brand might have expected a four-seater to rival the Ferrari Scaglietti, but it looks as though a luxury off-roader is on track instead.

Lambo president Stephan Winklemann told Auto Express: "There is more need for an SUV, and parent firm Audi produces the Q7, so for me, this is a better option than a 2+2. I would like to do more, but we are a small company and can't build all the models we want at once."

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