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Mercedes CLS 350 CGI

Mercedes will show a the CLS 350 CGI with a new gasoline direct injection engine.

Mercedes CLS 350 CGIMercedes CLS 350 CGI 2Mercedes CLS 350 CGI 3Mercedes CLS 350 CGI engineFinally, after years of relative stasis, gasoline engine development is starting to take up rapidly again. I guess that the simultaneous presence of both the new 6L bi-turbo engine by BMW and of this new Mercedes engine in Geneva isn't entirely up to chance ... .

A quick comparison between the CLS 350 and the CLS 350 CGI in the following table is the best way to appreciate the benefits of this new engine, that with its piezoelectric injecgtors and spray-guided combustion gains power (+20 bhp) and lowers fuel consumption.

Mercedes CLS 350 CGI schemeSource: © by Luca


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