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New TT Coupe, A4 and S4 Cabriolet Set for NY Debut in April

The New York Auto Show may not carry the weight of Detroit or L.A. to all of the auto industry, though the fact that this show takes place in the heart of one of the Audi brand’s top markets hasn’t gone unnoticed by schedule makers in Ingolstadt. As such, NY will play home to no less than the world launch of the second-generation TT Coupe and the latest B7 versions of the A4 and S4 Cabriolet models.

audiWhy so many new offerings for a show that has traditionally not been as critical? Well, it’s no surprise that the US market is quite important to Audi’s aggressive growth strategies. However, timing didn’t hurt wither with the show being just one week following the Internet debut of the TT Coupe.

audi 2 The rumor is that Ingolstadt initially was more skeptical about rushing the new car to New York for its show debut, though aggressive lobbying from Audi of America helped convince Germany that New York was the place to be.

The A4 and S4 Cabriolet models will hit the US market not long after their April debut in New York, though it could take some more time for the TT. Regarding the TT, there’s been no reliable word yet on when the car will hit the market, though it is a fairly safe bet that it won’t hit the market before Fall 2006.

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