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Citroen buggy bares all

Is it a beach buggy or a Pluriel that's melted in the sun? Well, it's both, because this is the Citroen C-Buggy.

citroen buggy The C-Buggy is set to make its entrance at the Madrid International Motor Show on May 26.

Developed from Citroen's C-Airplay concept, the C-Buggy packs a 173bhp turbodiesel engine that is soon to be used in the C4 and C5 models.

The engine comes with a six-speed gearbox with electronically operated shift that does without a clutch pedal.

The C-Buggy also does without much in the way of bodywork or windscreen to emphasis its carefree credentials.

Big, fat wheels, chunky wheelarches and a hefty sump guard nod at the C-Buggy's off-road ability, although Citroen is staying quiet about whether this concept hints at the company's SUV due in 2007.

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