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Russo-Baltique Impression

Russo-Baltique. Now there's a name you don't hear every day. In fact, this is the first I ever heard of it...

russo baltiqueApparently Russo-Baltique was a Russian carmaker back in the early part of the 20th century.

The Russo-Baltique car brand’s history begins in 1907 when a domestic autocar manufacturing was established by one of the largest industrial concerns in the Russian Empire. Two years had passed before the first car was built – a 30-hp open two-seater Russo-Baltique 24-30. First years of its existence were marked by outstanding performance in automotive sport competitions building up the reputation of a reliable, ideal and elegant model producer. In 1912, a special sport model, Russo-Baltique C24-50, won two first awards in the Monte-Carlo Rally, and the second award in the rally in San-Sebastian a year after that.

In 1913, Russo-Baltique was granted a title of an official supplier of His Highness the Emperor’s Court.

In 1914, the Russo-Baltique concern built the biggest aeroplane in the world – Ilya Muromets – developed by a remarkable Russian engineer Igor Sikorsky.

The First World War became a turning-point in the Russian history in general and the Russo-Baltique future, in particular. The subsequent Revolution brought an end to the Russo-Baltique production for many years.

The new Bugatti-like Russo-Baltique Impression pictured above has some pretty impressive specs:

• 555 hp bi-turbo V12
• 6-speed automatic
• 22" wheels
• Production of 2–3 per year, with a total production of 10–15 cars
• Price approximately 50 million rubles

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