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Aston is 'UK's coolest brand'

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

For a fleeting moment there, Aston Martin was the most desirable sports car manufacturer in the universe. We knew, you knew, anyone who loves cars knew, but we all kept schtum for fear of it being hijacked by trend-spotters wearing jeans that sit too low on their waists.

aston martin Well, it's happened, and you can tell this lot take it way too seriously when they call themselves the CoolBrands Council. Announced at their CoolLive - obviously doing away with the spaces between words is cool - Aston Martin was named the UK's coolest brand.

So, it's all over for Aston.

Maybe Ford had advance knowledge of this award and decided to put Aston up for sale before the judges of CoolBrands shattered its credibility.

We can only hope that the new James Bond flick will help redress the balance and dignity of Aston.

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