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Caterham Superlight R400

This is the sort of birthday present we'd like. Celebrating 50 years of the Seven, Caterham has come up with the Superlight R400.

If you're even loosely versed in Caterham terminology, you'll have worked out that means this is a featherweight Seven with a power-to-weight ratio of 400bhp per tonne.

Superlight R400Superlight R400 2That's thanks to an all-up weight of just 525kg, and 210bhp from the Ford-sourced Duratec engine.

All of which means 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and acceleration to leave your average supercar floundering on all but the longest straight.

Caterham has been busy upgrading the chassis to cope with the power and says the frame is even stiffer to improve handling.

There's also revised rear suspension and some modifications for those who want to use the car predominantly for track days, such as a dry sump engine.

The Superlight R400 will set you back £25,995, which is £1,700 less than the previous model. A good way to bring up the half-century.

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