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Ford Flex

Ford's profits might be taking a battering Stateside at the moment, but at least the Blue Oval has proved it can still get some things right with this: the Flex.

Unveiled in New York, Ford is describing the seven-seater as a 'family crossover', but to us it looks like a good ol' Yank station wagon.

That's definitely a good thing. The Flex carries over a healthy dose of the styling from 2005's Fairlane concept... and there's a hint of Mini Clubman about it in that white roof too, we reckon.

Away from the slide-rule styling, there's nothing too ground-breaking about the Flex. It gets a 3.5-litre V6 likely to produce about 260bhp as well as, we're told, a 'class-exclusive refrigerator'.

Yes, it's a fridge that'll chill two litres of liquid in a mere two-and-a-half hours. Obviously this is important to Americans.

We do, however, like the sound of the seven-colour ambient interior lighting, which should appear on next year's Ford Focus as well.

The seven-seater Flex is due to go on sale in the US next summer, but sadly seems unlikely to get anywhere near the UK.

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