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GM To Unveil "Next Iteration" of the Chevrolet Volt

SHANGHAI, China — In what may be an effort to finally put to rest rumors that GM will unplug the Volt, the automaker on Monday said it will roll out the "next iteration" of the electrically driven concept car at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2007 show.

2007 Chevrolet Volt2007 Chevrolet Volt 2"That GM would choose Shanghai as the location to introduce the next iteration of the Volt is a reflection of how GM is contributing to the industry's long-term sustainable development by sharing its latest achievements and technologies with its friends and partners in China," said Kevin E. Wale, GM China Group president and managing director.

The automaker gave no more details about what to expect with the latest take on the Volt, but the announcement about the redone concept seems to underscore GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz's recent statements on the GM FastLane blog that the Volt is "no publicity stunt."

"We are 100 percent committed to making this happen," Lutz wrote on March 24.

GM said its new Buick concept car is a "precursor of future global Buick design language." It was developed at the automaker's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center in Shanghai, "underscoring the automotive engineering and design center's growing capability and role with GM's engineering and design network." No further details were released about the Buick concept.

The Shanghai show will be held April 22-28.

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