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Jaguar XKR

A Jaguar XKR with stripped interior, uprated brakes and suspension, and a top speed of 185mph sounds like just our sort of car.

Jaguar XKRJaguar XKR 2It does indeed exist, but the only fly in the multigrade is you can only drive this Jaguar XKR at PalmerSport, Jonathan Palmer's automotive playground in Bedfordshire.

Palmer ordered up the stripped-for-action XKRs after driving the road car.

He's so impressed with the Jag that he's even altered the circuit layout to include a 140mph stretch and flowing corners to show off the XKR to its best.

If you book yourself a day at Palmer's Bedford Autodrome, you can also try out a number of other high-performance cars, including Palmer's very own Jaguar-engined JP1 Le Mans-style sports prototype.

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