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Renault Espace

It's hard to believe that the Renault Espace has been around since 1743.

Mainly because it hasn't. But the first-generation Espace was introduced way back in 1984 - a lifetime ago when shoulder pads were the size of badgers and MPV stood for nothing more technical than Major Perm Volume.

Renault EspaceAnd as you'll have noticed if you've hailed an airport taxi recently, the original people carrier is still going strong. Renault has just released details of its 2007 Espace line-up, which includes a new entry-level Team version.

It'll weigh in at £18,595, undercutting the base Ford Galaxy and Chrysler Voyager by almost a grand.

The Espace also gets a new trim level - Dynamique S - to replace the Privilege and Initiale specifications.

And if that news wasn't enough to send you into a pique of electronica-inspired delirium, there's even a choice of two new diesel automatic engines.

The 2.0 dCi 150 Auto FAP and 2.0 dCi 175 Auto FAP get Renault's new six-speed automatic 'box, which has been developed in conjunction with Nissan.

Time to party like it's 1984.

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