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Volvo: Small change

If Train 'A' leaves Paddington travelling at 39mph and arrives in Exeter three hours later, and Train 'B' leaves Paddington 20 minutes later travelling at 59mph, can you spot the changes to the Volvo S40 and V50 ranges?

Stumped? We were until we saw the answers and were told that the front end has a restyled grille with 50 per cent larger badge.

volvo s40volvo v50There are also clear lensed headlights, new rear lights, revised bumpers and a different handle for the estate's boot.

Mensa types will be more intrigued by the improved storage options inside the cabin, front armrest that can be flipped back to work as a table for those in the rear, and an MP3 connector now placed under the front armrest.

Less cerebral Volvo fans will be more interested in the extra 10bhp for the T5, while the D5 will receive a new six-speed manual gearbox later in the year to Volvo's swiftest diesel estate.

Now then, back to Trains A and B. The answer is simple: you should take the car because it will take you from door to door.

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