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Audi RS4 Art Car

One of the world's most macho cars, the 420-horsepower Audi RS4, has been transformed into a feminine piece of art at the hand of Romero Britto, a Brazil-born pop artist and one-time Miami street artist.

Audi RS4 Art CarAudi RS4 Art Car  2The RS4 art car includes a Picasso-like rendering of a green-eyed female on the hood of the car, polka dots, stripes and wild primary colors. The RS4 art car was commissioned by Audi and was introduced last week during Art Chicago, an international contemporary and modern art fair.

"For the Audi RS4, I wanted to create something that would combine sophistication, dynamism and fun on one hand, but also include the aspect of a future generation on the other — as Audi is an innovative and leading brand," Britto said. "This is why I came to choose the portrait of a woman, as it incorporates all these attributes."

Britto has been compared to such icons as Matisse and Picasso, although he is firmly entrenched in the pop-culture realm. In 1989, he was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to design a bottle label for the company.

The RS4 is one in a series of art cars commissioned by the German automaker. The Audi RS4 Art Collectors' Tour will be making stops in such places as New York and Miami.

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