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Lada Priora

TOGLIATTI, Russia — The new Lada Priora has gone on sale in Russia. This is the first attempt from Russia's biggest carmaker to change its image as a producer of ultra-cheap family cars. The new sedan retails for around $11,000 and is squarely aimed at such local bestsellers as the Renault Logan and the Hyundai Accent.

avtovaz Lada Prioraavtovaz Lada Priora 2The car was originally introduced at the 2003 Moscow Auto Show with a tentative production launch penned for 2005. Even though the car is a thorough revamp of the now 13-year-old 110-series, it took a bit more time than expected to iron out quality issues, so the introduction date was postponed at least three times.

The styling of the midsize sedan, which measures 169.3 inches long by 70.9 inches wide, is not the latest word in design — but, considering the source, it does not look too outdated. Its interior is the work of Italian design consultant Carcerano. For export, the Priora will have a 1.6-liter gasoline engine that passes Euro 4 emissions control regulations, allowing it to be sold in most European markets. Airbags will be offered, although only as an option. Electric windows and an adjustable steering column add to the relative modernity of the new model.

So far only the sedan version has been launched, but wagon and coupe versions are also planned to join the lineup. Eventually the Priora should replace its donor, the 110-series, which had been Lada's Western European export model along with the Niva SUV before the Kalina appeared in 2006.

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