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Mastretta MXT

Much of Mexico's national cuisine appears to be the same stuff wrapped in different ways. Take burritos, tortillas and enchiladas: all much the same, but still exciting food.

Now, Mexico has applied its culinary ideas to the car and come up with the Mastretta MXT.

Mastretta MXTMastretta MXT 2There's no doubting this mid-engined coupe looks good enough to eat, but underneath is wrapped a 2.3-litre Toyota Camry engine.

Amazing that one of the world's dullest cars can donate an essential ingredient to such a tempting machine as the MXT.

With 200bhp and an all-up weight of 1,000kg thanks to an aluminium base and plastic body panels, the MXT should be good for 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds and a top speed of 144mph.

Production is due to start in early 2008, but this will be a sports car made in haute cuisine numbers, because Mastretta says it will only produce 150 MXTs per year for sale in Mexico.

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