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Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Roadest

When they were still on relatively friendly terms, Mitsubishi and Chrysler discussed the possibility of sharing a version of the Dodge Caravan, much as Mitsubishi received its own version of the Dakota pickup.

Mitsubishi DelicaMitsubishi Delica 2Mitsubishi Delica 3Mitsubishi Delica 4It's probably a good thing the minivan deal never happened. We're even more convinced of that after seeing the latest version of Mitsubishi's home-market-only Delica van, dubbed D:5 Roadest (and, yes, there is only one T in the name).

When the redesigned Delica was unveiled last fall, it bore the unmistakable DNA of Mitsubishi's recent designs. Now, with the arrival of the Roadest, the humble family hauler also adds a hint of the Japanese automaker's performance chops.

Although the factory engines remain largely untouched, the Roadest features lower ride height, 17-inch wheels and tires, an aero body kit and choice of monochrome paint schemes. Prices range from $20,900 to $25,400.

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