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Two Britons arrested after Gumball death

Controversy surrounds this year's Gumball 3000 rally after an entrant's Porsche 911 hit a local's car in Macedonia, resulting in the death of 67-year old Vladimir Cepuljoski from a heart attack.

gumballMr Cepuljoski's wife is also seriously injured and in a critical state in hospital.

Initially, the rally's organisers were accused of trying to cover up the accident, but later called the rally to finish as a mark of respect for the dead man.

The Techart-modified Porsche 911 was being driven by Nick Morley, 30, and Matthew McConville, 32, who have been arrested for an alleged hit-and-run incident after apparently trying to leave the scene in another Gumball competitor's car.

Macedonian police have confirmed that two Britons have been arrested.

A spokesman said: 'Two British citizens left the scene of the accident. Shortly afterwards, border authorities found them in another vehicle at the Qafasan border crossing with Albania.'

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