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Mazda Spiano

It is a relatively popular practice in Japan for one company to build cars for another, especially to fill low-volume niches that would otherwise be too expensive to do solo.

Mazda SpianoMazda Spiano 2Thus, Mazda has been able to plug a small gap at the bottom of its lineup with a version of the Suzuki Lapin. The Mazda variant, rebadged and marketed as the Spiano, has just received a modest face-lift in the home market, where it sells a mere 300 units a month.

The "new" Spiano still looks pretty much like the old Spiano, with its boxy, retro styling cues and plain-Jane cabin. Aimed mainly at young female buyers, the micromini gets new seat and door trim fabric and split rear seats. The instrument panel is done up in a white leaf pattern.

Did we mention there's also a new chrome grille?

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