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VW Passat

Even with that chrome grill and incongruous V6 in the model line-up, we always knew that the Volkswagen Passat was a bit boring at heart.

And now the big VW has proved its true colours. It's not just boring, it's a caravanner.

The Passat Estate has beaten off stiff competition to be voted Towcar of the Year 2007.

VW PassatApparently the Passat was subjected to a rigorous testing programme before being awarded the title.

Although the details of this test are unclear, we must assume that the 'idling down the outside lane of the A30 at 30mph with a two-mile queue of traffic behind' challenge, the 'how many miles can you cover before realising that you forgot to hitch your caravan onto the towbar back at the trailer park' exam and, of course, the 'most ridiculous wing mirror extensions' shootout all formed part of the curriculum.

On a serious note, we hope - as will anyone who saw the 'Top Gear Goes Camping' episode a couple of series back - that the examiners saw fit to test the fireproof qualities of the Passat. It's a dangerous business, this camping lark.

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