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A quiet manufacturer from the backwaters of Norfolk wouldn't be the obvious contender to head the electric car revolution.

But Lotus engineers are already heavily involved in the Tesla Roadster, and they've turned their know-how to this in-house project: the ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car.

ZAP-XZAP-X 2ZAP-X 3ZAP-X 4Based on the earlier APX concept MPV, the seven-seat ZAP-X promises stunning economy and performance in a vehicle that's properly nice to look at.

The four electric motors - one in each wheel hub - together produce the equivalent of 644bhp, and whisk the all-aluminium car up to 155mph. Nought to 60mph is accomplished in 4.8 seconds.

While those are impressive figures, it's the battery-recharging rate that really catches the eye. Although most other electric car makers are stuck on full recharge rates of several hours, Lotus reckons the ZAP-X needs just 10 minutes to fill up on enough electrons to cover 350 miles.

If that claim proves to be remotely true, ZAP is introducing a technology that even Tesla has yet to offer. That would be a surprise to us and the industry as a whole.

And speaking of surprises, if you're wondering how the bottom image sneaked on - well, it's called the ZAP XEBRA, astonishingly from the same Lotus stable as the ZAP-X.

Featuring, but only just, a top speed of 40mph and a pathetic range of just 25 miles, this solar/electric car sullies the alternative fuel movement.

According to the manufacturer, the three-wheeled ZAP XEBRA is the offspring of 'more than three decades of thought and evolution'.

Three decades? That includes all the hours down the pub at lunch, does it?

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