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Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999

Ford has today revealed the next-generation of its Fusion supermini, the jacked-up Fiesta-thingy favoured by the elderly and style-challenged.

Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 2 Actually, that's a lie. This low-slung beastie is indeed called the Ford Fusion, but in no way is it related to the British version of the car of the same name.

In fact, its full name is the Fusion Hydrogen 999, and it's the car that Ford is hoping will set a land speed record for production-based fuel-cell-powered vehicles.

Due to race at Bonneville in the middle of August, the Fusion Hydrogen 999 is powered by a 770bhp electric motor, with the energy supplied by hydrogen fuel cells.

The car itself was built by Roush - the firm best known for its mad Mustang tuning - and has been shorn of its mirrors and front grille in the name of aerodynamicism.

The record attempt is all part of Ford's slightly over-zealous bid to prove that it's both Environmentally Aware but also Really Cool at the same time. Alan Mullaly, the firm's chief executive, said earlier this week that plug-in hybrids would appear in Ford showrooms in five to 10 years.

Call us cynical, but we're pretty sure we heard similar sentiments about, erm, five to 10 years ago.

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