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2007 SEMA Show: Jay Leno Shows off Green 600-HP Modified Corvette Z06

LAS VEGAS — If Al Gore were to make an appearance at the 2007 SEMA Show, there's no doubt that he would find an excellent photo op in front of Jay Leno's E85 Z06-inspired C6RS Corvette. The car's 600 horses aren't an issue, since Leno's rocket runs on ethanol.

 Corvette Z06 Corvette Z06-2 Corvette Z06-3"The C6RS is the result of an idea we hatched to prove that high-performance cars and alternative fuel technology weren't diametrically opposed concepts," said Leno, who increasingly sounds like the voice of reason when it comes to automotive trends. "I love the idea of having 600 horsepower at my disposal, but using a homegrown alternative to gasoline."

The C6RS Corvette's fuel system and engine control computer were modified to use E85, with the spent gases exiting through a Corsa exhaust system. The custom 8.2-liter all-aluminum small-block V8 is linked to a strengthened T-56 six-speed transmission and a high-performance Centerforce dual-friction clutch.

The comic did not choose green paint for this SEMA offering. Instead, it is clad in C6.R-inspired black paint. Other design cues include wider front and rear fenders and a wider rear fascia with an integrated spoiler on top and a racing-style diffuser at the bottom. The cabin deliberately veers away from a spartan look, with premium features that include a two-tone shift knob and boot, leather-covered console armrest and racing-style pedal covers.

What this means to you: Leno appears to be committed to giving us the best of both worlds.

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