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Mercedes SLR gets Mercedes SLR-der

The last thing you want to see when you own a car as exclusive as the McLaren-Mercedes SLR is another one coming along the road towards you.
The new SLR 722 GT aims to eliminate that possibility on two fronts: One, only 21 will be built, and two... it's not road-legal.

McLaren-Mercedes SLRMcLaren-Mercedes SLR-2The 722 GT has been built by British racing specialist RML to satisfy those SLR owners who thought the standard model was a bit, well, soft.
Designed exclusively for the track, it's a lighter, more powerful version of the front-engined supercar. 29bhp more powerful, to be exact. RML has uprated the SLR's 5.5-litre V8 to produce 670bhp and 612lb ft of torque.

With 300kg lopped off the SLR's kerbweight - thanks to 'dispensing with numerous comfort features' - it'll hit 62mph in just 3.3 seconds, half a second quicker than the road-going version.
Just imagine what it sounds like getting there. The standard 722 makes a racket like Satan ingesting a warhead, so the GT - with its revised exhaust - should be capable of making children cry from a distance of several miles.

Naturally, the 722 GT benefits from a bunch of aero revisions, including that massive rear spoiler, a new front apron and a bigger rear diffuser. Inside the cabin there's a full roll cage, six-point race harnesses and a racing wheel.
The SLR's five-speed auto 'box remains, but RML has fitted a locking diff to help the 722 GT cope with corners.

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