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$15,000 Green HumanCar set for Earth Day launch

Finally, we have release date for the hotly anticipated HumanCar’s human-powered hybrid concept Imagine LMV. The green car dubbed Imagine will be unveiled on Earth Day in April which makes it a great PR move. The $15,000 super-human hybrid is expected to feature an exoskeletal safety cage chassis, dual electric motors and variable human power inputs among other standard equipment.

Green HumanCarThe Low Mass Vehicle has a top-speed of 30-mph making it doubly beneficial for the environment since a) it lets out no smoke, and b) with that kind of speed what are the odds anybody being killed in an accident! And because the car is allegedly ‘human-powered’ you can also expect to get a rigorous workout while driving it to work.

Salient features of the Imagine LMV exotic super-human hybrid electric vehicle include Plug-in iPod ‘blast-zone’ stereo standard, voice operated T2S2T Internet functionality, RFID locator, and an integrated H-chat to VOX Communications system. I expect at least Governor Schwarzenegger to buy it if no one else does!

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