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1968 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon by Performance West Group

(from Performance West Group) Rumor has it that in 1968, a long time Mopar enthusiast named Herb purchased a new Plymouth Satellite station wagon. Living in suburban Chicago with his wife and five children, a wagon was the vehicle of necessity, rather than choice. But Herb had never lost his enthusiasm for the red hot performance cars he owned in his youth, and he continued to lust for a vehicle with the kind of power that he had once enjoyed.

1968 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon1968 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon-2In 1969, with the release of the Road Runner 440 Six Pack, Herb could stand it no longer. According to the story, Herb called Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge, the Mecca for ultimate performance Mopars and asked if there was any way that his nearly new Plymouth could be enhanced with the same 440 Six Pack that made the just released A12 Road Runner and Superbee such street and strip terrors. Herb was assured that his B-Body wagon was a fraternal twin to the Road Runner and could be fitted with the full complement of parts. In fact, the swap was nothing more than a bolt in and all of the parts for the conversion, including the 440 engine, were in stock. Without hesitation, Herb brought the wagon to Mr. Norm’s and a week later took delivery of his Plymouth wagon, one that was quite unlike any other.

Fast forward to today. The Plymouth wagon has been found sitting in a back yard in California, where it has been for nearly a decade. While some of the go fast goodies are missing and the car is somewhat neglected, it’s rust free, completely intact, and ready to be restored to its former greatness.

The Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon is a great example of the incredible performance of the late 1960’s big block Mopars. And complementing the ground pounding performance is timeless styling that leaves no question what year and brand of vehicle it is, unlike today’s generic, appliance like front wheel drive cars. The Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon is the absolute antithesis of these seemingly nameless, faceless commodity vehicles. The GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon beckons you to pack your bags, fill up a large cooler with your favorite refreshments and get ready to go cruisin’ in style.

The 1968 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon is a perfect expression of what a confident, exciting time the 1960’s were. It makes no pretense or excuses for what it is. One thing is sure; The GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon isn’t politically correct. Rather, it’s brash and arrogant, confident and ambitious, like the generation of Americans that inspired it and those that appreciate for what it is today.

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