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2008 Ferrari F1 car unveiled

Kimi and Felipe have a new toy: the Ferrari F2008. Codenamed 659, this is the car Ferrari hopes will bring them a second consecutive driver's title.

2008 Ferrari F1 2008 Ferrari F1 -22008 Ferrari F1 -32008 Ferrari F1 -4The F2008 has been designed around the new F1 rules that introduce a standardised ECU and ban traction control. This means some seriously advanced aero to make up for the loss of TC and even some tweaks to the car's fundamentals - such as wheelbase and suspension.

However, the F2008 we'll see at the first race in Melbourne is unlikely to look like the F2008 shown here.

'All aerodynamic surfaces have been completely revised. However, the current version will be replaced by a completely different configuration in time for the first race,' says Ferrari.

Other changes include a new gearbox (designed to meet new regulations stating that the unit must be used for four consecutive events), higher side protection around the driver's helmet and a shrink-wrapped monocoque that has been cut away under the driver's legs.

It'll be tight in there - good job Kimi and Felipe are about the same size as hobbits. The new McLaren F1 challenger is unveiled later today. We'll bring you news and pictures asap.

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At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Alexandru Sichim said...

Indeed, the car looks just...gorgeous. But, I think Kimi and Felipe are going to have some problems when steering with all those buttons and switchers that are so close one each other.

Anyway, I wish them to win all the races in the next season.


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