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Cadillac BLS Wagon

If you're the sort of person who panics in coffee shops at the myriad options - skinny, tall, half-caf, semi-ethical, all of that - and just want a damn cup of coffee without the questions, the new Cadillac BLS Wagon might be for you.

Cadillac BLS WagonCadillac BLS Wagon-2So long as you're looking for a reskinned Saab 9-3 with blocky styling, that is. Because the BLS Wagon does away with the confusing lists of trim levels and options, and instead embraces the Henry Ford school of choice. In that you don't get any.

The BLS Wagon comes in one single trim level, which Cadillac calls Elegance and we call The Whole Enchilada because we're a bit sad like that. You get leather, satnav, parking sensors and, well, everything really.

You do get some choice in powertrain department, however. Engines range from a 1.9-litre, 148bhp turbodiesel to the biggest 2.8-litre V6, which develops 252bhp.

Our partners has driven the BLS Wagon, and now we can report that it's, erm, rather like the 9-3: comfortable and secure without ever feeling truly exciting. But if you're just too busy to tick all those options boxes, it just might be for you.

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