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Suzuki X-Head Concept

According to Suzuki, this pert little number exhibits the road performance and toughness of the Jimny and the load-carrying capability of the Carrry. (Yes, Suzuki really does produce an SUV named "Jimny.") Essentially the company is saying that the X-Head is a cross between an SUV and a pickup truck, which you might have already picked up on.

Suzuki X-Head ConceptSuzuki X-Head Concept-2The concept looks as if it could ride on a wheelbase as short as the Carry's (93 inches), a vehicle so small that moped maker Piaggio rebadges them for Europe. The X-Head's big-rig styling is pug-cute. Shrinking the characteristics of a full-size thing and applying them to a tidy little package often results in something quite attractive. Call it the Eva Longoria effect.

With essentially no front or rear overhang, big ol' mudder tires and a tiny wheelbase, Suzuki X-Head would make a wicked little off-roader. And look, a little Suzuki dirt bike fits in the bed. What a coincidence! The wall of the cargo bed conceals storage compartments accessible through fold-down body panels.

And Suzuki says that the bed can be reconfigured depending on an owner's needs. There's a Camper attachment to allow two people to sleep in comfort in the back. There's a Fashion unit that allows for "stylish urban mobility." And there's a Rescue unit, which presumably turns the X-Head into a, uh, rescue vehicle.

This is all theoretical, though, as the X-Head is only a concept. An endearing concept. But a concept nonetheless.

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