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The Dracula Dacia Logan

Who knew the Prince of Darkness was into Eastern European econocars? After all, he is immortal, so you'd think he'd want something that'd probably last him a little longer than a Dacia Logan. Then again, Transylvania was part of Dacia in ancient times, so maybe this is how he cheekily shows his sense of nostalgia. In any case, there's no accounting for personal taste, and from the looks of things, Dracula's is pretty bad.

The Dracula Dacia LoganThe Dracula Dacia Logan-2The Dracula Dacia Logan-3Look at those airbrushed scenes on the bodywork; the wall-to-wall Alcantara interior; the red LED "starlight" headliner; the custom "Dracula" badging; the coffin-shaped amp housings; the 8-million-speaker audio system -- clearly, this was a project he eagerly sunk his teeth into. From the looks of things, chicks dig it, too. At least until he sinks his teeth into them. Still, the thought of eternal life with a Dacia Logan -- particularly this one -- makes a stake through the heart seem like a pretty good option.

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