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1955 Porsche 356 for the aficionados

This is a collectors dream and could just be the perfect material for a real Porsche fanatic meant straight for his garage. Forget pride, this is your chance to make those envy who believed that a Targa from the early nineties in their possession was just about perfect to bear a retro collectors repute. It belongs to an era where six-cylinders were literally unheard off and those who knew about its ability were baffled by the cost involved.

1955 Porsche 356The roots aren’t confirmed in its case but it is believed to be a sibling of the 356 Coupe from 1955, which means that it is one of those astute 356’ models from Porsche. We can keep talking about proving our fanaticism but the upshot is that it would require a whopping 112,000 Euros to have it parked in your garage, meaning you shouldn’t just be a fanatic but a moneyed one at that.

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