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2008 ART Mercedes-Benz 463 G-Class

(from ART Press Release) G-tuned the A.R.T. way: Complete tuning suite for Mercedes G-Model

• Extensive exterior tuning suite with fender flares
• Various performance boosts for gasoline and diesel engines
• Top performance: 427 kW (580 bhp), 790 Nm
• monoART1 rims in 10x22 inch
• Comprehensive interior tuning suite with optional extras
• Special requests catered to

2008 ART Mercedes-Benz 463 G-Class-12008 ART Mercedes-Benz 463 G-Class-2For those drivers who cannot get used to the latest GL from Mercedes, it is possible to choose the predecessor, which has been constantly refined over the years from the product range of this Stuttgart-based automaker. For the all-terrain vehicle that is anything but obsolete, A.R.T. is offering a complete tuning suite that goes by the name of “PROGRAM463”. Everything from the exterior to the interior thru to the engine can be customized.

Absolute power!
A.R.T. boosts the performance of diesel and gasoline engines significantly. Leading the way is the A.R.T. performance kit “A55K” for the G 55 K. After optimizing the supercharger ratio and the engine management system, the engine’s output goes up from 350 kW (476 bhp) to an impressive 427 kW (580 bhp). The torque increases from 700 to 790 Nm. At the same time, A.R.T. also overrides the Vmax limit. As regards the gasoline engines, A.R.T. also takes account of the G 55 (performance boost by means of a supercharger to 324 kW/ 440 bhp and 597 Nm) and G 500 (also with a supercharger: 296 kW / 402 bhp; 683 Nm).

In terms of the diesels, thanks to A.R.T. DieselPower, the power classes 215 kW / 293 bhp (G 400 CDI, 624 Nm), 192 kW / 261 bhp (G 320 CDI, 600 Nm) and 141 kW / 192 bhp (G 270 CDI, 468 Nm) are possible.

The exhilarating sound is produced by the A.R.T. sports exhaust system with four 80 mm diameter tailpipes, which protrude at an angle beneath the running boards. For vehicles up to model year 11/2000, this task is undertaken by a system with two tailpipes.

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