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Artega GT Intro 2008 Edition at Geneva 2008

What started as an innocent crush last year in Geneva and blossomed into a budding romance in Frankfurt, has finally turned into a full-blown obsession. Our first introduction to the Artega GT proved love isn't blind, particular when Henrik Fisker pens it. The sensuous curves of the initial prototype had us drooling from across the room, and after seeing the production version late last year in Frankfurt, it quickly found a slot in our dream garage.

Artega GT Intro 2008 EditionOne year later, we're still smitten. The combination of the Artega's small footprint, 300-hp rear-mounted DI V6, and carbon fiber bodywork has us on pins and needles. And for the 99 lucky souls that got their orders in early, they'll be receiving a limited edition "Intro 2008" model swathed in either Vanillegelb or Tiefseeblau, a bespoke interior and lightweight, five-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in Pilot Sport PS2 Michelins. The cost of entry is just under 80,000 euros and if you've got the coin to purchase one of the 170 models Artega is expected to produce annually.

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