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Alfa Brera S

Alfa Romeo handed over its Brera to Prodrive, which has extensively honed the hot hatch into what's being called the Brera S. Prodrive fit the new Brera S with Eibach coil springs and Bilstein dampers, and then conducted extensive testing to find the right balance of spring and damper rates for sharper handling without ruining the ride. The steering was also tweaked to take advantage of the car's faster reflexes, and 8C Competizione-inspired lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels wearing Pirelli rubber keep the car affixed to terra firma.

Alfa Brera SAlong with lighter wheels, hollow anti-roll bars and aluminum suspension components further reduce the car's weight below the rest of the Brera range. Exterior mods are minimal, but the exhaust has been reworked and is capped with chrome tips featuring Prodrive's logo, and there are now Prodrive-branded mud flaps up front and either 'S' or 'SV6' badges on the C-pillar. The Brera S has also been fitted with new seats that, along with the dashboard, door panels, steering wheel and gear shift, feature red stitching.

There are drilled aluminum pedals for your footsies and a limited-edition Brera S aluminum plate featuring the flags of each company's home country (Italy and Britain) is located in the headrest recess. The Brera S package can be had with either the 2.2 JTS model powered by a 185bhp four-cylinder or the 3.2 JTS V6 powered by a 260bhp V6, though only 500 will be made. We'd love to have one but suspect they'll all be acquired by the time Alfa Romeo gets around to selling cars in the U.S. again.

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