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$2 Million Motorcycle Auction

On 29 June, Bonhams would be auctioning off its astonishing compilation of classic bikes valued around $2 million at the Royal Air Force Museum in London. The collection details the largest single-owner collection of motorbikes ever reached the auction block, all 300 machines coming from the Professor Fritz Ehn Motorcycle Museum in Austria. The two wickedly fast and attention-inviting models include British-made Vincents: the 1955 998cc Black Prince and a 1952 998cc Black Shadow anticipated to fetch $56,000-$64,000 and $44,000 - $56,000 respectively.

1952 998cc Black ShadowOther highlights of the motorbikes include a 1935 Brough Superior 1,096cc 11-50hp, aka. The “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles” as driven by T. E. Lawrence ($50,000 - $60,000); a 1927 BMW 500cc R47 ($36,000-$44,000); a 1937 Ariel 995cc Square Four Model 4G ($20,000-$24,000) adjoined by popularly known models by Harley Davidson, Ducati, Triumph and more. So, all you there with passion for antique and wheels shall rush now to invest their spare amount of dough by inking this neat deal.

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