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Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano catches fire from supercar to hotrod

When we think of Ferrari we think of supercars that has that certain sex appeal, no one makes a fast car quite like the Italians. However it seems as if the prancing horse has a little issue with catching fire, the car this time was a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano which self-ignited when it came to a stop. I would hate to be in the driver’s shoes right now, as it was not even his car. The car was being driven by a worker for Romans International supercar garage in Banstead, UK, while he was driving the dream machine he could hear a strange sound coming from the rear, which was quickly followed by a huge amount of smoke and then the fire.

Ferrari 599 GTB FioranoThe Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano worth £250,000 is now a write-off, thankfully though the Ferrari was still covered under its warranty. However, this is no consolation to Ferrari owners around the world who must now be wondering if their prized possession will catch alight. You would think that a company like Ferrari would never suffer from any such problem like this, the worrying this is there have been a number of documented cases of these supercars catching fire. I do not understand why Ferrari has not found out why this is happening, many believe that the engine is overheating. Ferrari run one off, if not the best Formula 1 teams so you would have thought that they would have solved this issue by now.

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