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Honda Launches Auto-Max Railcar Fleet

This is just the kind of car company that Honda is. Sure, it sinks tons of R&D into its automobiles so they go faster, handle better, feel nicer and get better fuel economy, but while they're at it, the good folks at Honda also do things like build jets and revolutionize rail transport. That's right, along with cars and planes, Honda has worked its magic on trains and developed the Auto-Max railcar. You see, Honda transports 82% of all its soon-to-be-sold autos via rail in the United States. Why? Because it's more "environmentally responsible" than using trucks. Well, Honda had an issue with current bi-level rail cars outfitted to transport vehicles because they can only hold 10 cars and operate for 20 years.

So Honda did what it does and developed the Auto-Max, which will hold 22 cars and run for 50 years. And now its got a fleet of 400 operating in the U.S. The Japanese automaker also upgraded the rail infrastructure around its Marysville and East Liberty, Ohio assembly plants so trains can pull in and out faster and shipments get on their quicker. Being from Ohio, I can tell you that this state really is the heart of it all when it comes to rail, so it's not surprising that Honda has taken advantage of this shipping method to save some cost and look a little more green. We can't wait to see what the Auto-Max Si can do.

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